The Intelligent Virtual Fundraising Assistant

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Using cutting-edge technology to augment the efforts and reach of fundraising teams

There are only so many hours in a day. That’s why MPW is always looking out for innovations that utilize technology to strategically add capacity and bandwidth to what philanthropy is, and always should be: a relationship-centric, personalized engagement.

MPW is delighted to partner with Conversica to bring the best in technology to bear for our clients. Conversica uses Intelligent Virtual Assistants (IVA) technology to help fundraisers by autonomously engaging prospective donors in natural, human-like conversations via email or text messaging at scale. Once the IVA discovers a qualified prospect, that person is handed over to a member of the fundraising team to further build the relationship or make an ask.

An IVA helps fundraising teams qualify more potential donors while allowing their team members to focus on what they do best—talking to and building relationships with donors and prospects. Better still, it’s easy to get up (within days if need be) and running so organizations can reap the benefits quickly.

MPW has seen first-hand the potential of Converisca’s Intelligent Virtual Assistants to help organizations scale beyond what is often, especially this year, a small but powerful development team internally. Only by integrating new technologies and strategies aligned with the best practices can fundraising teams drive the best outcomes.

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This technology is a gamechanger, and through its well-crafted personalized approach and natural two-way conversations, organizations can connect and build relationships with much larger audiences than ever thought possible. We are thrilled to be partnering with Conversica to bring this powerful technology to our philanthropy partners.
Matt Wasserman

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