Digital Fundraising

Our Approach

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We are in the midst of a digital revolution, and fundraising and philanthropy have been greatly impacted.

Nonprofits can no longer ignore the importance of embracing digital fundraising. Traditional fundraising channels, such as galas and events, are losing their effectiveness and are potentially no longer feasible in the COVID-19 era. Sticking with “what’s worked in the past” is no longer an excuse. 

Customizing your digital fundraising strategy can increase your nonprofit’s participation among new and existing donors and volunteers. Tools like email, social media, artificial intelligence, tracking the donor journey, and crowdfunding can amplify your nonprofit’s story with an infinite audience. 

Online engagement also allows your nonprofit to be highly segmented—customizing your digital messaging to create a personal connection with stakeholders. You can speak directly to their interests and meet them where they are with their preferred form of communication.

Make Philanthropy Work helps our partners navigate an ever-evolving digital fundraising landscape, including:

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