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A strategic, customized plan for sustainable fundraising growth.

There are many short-term, flash-in-the-pan solutions to fundraising these days. Our approach is to set up our clients for sustainable growth and ongoing success for now and long into the future.

We begin by immersing ourselves in your organization — your culture, fundraising history, donor base, challenges, and opportunities. Then, we make sure we’re having the right conversations, asking the right questions, gaining a genuine understanding of your organization and its unique needs.

Next, we custom-craft a set of solutions to suit your needs and support you through planning, implementation, and growth. At each step in our process, we engineer a strategic fundraising solution to take your entire fundraising operation to the next level and serve you long into the future.

Our process has three core phases:


No two organizations are alike. We frankly face-palm at the “one-size-fits-all” approach, which we’ve never known to yield success.

That’s why our first stage of working together is diving deep into your organization’s fundraising mission, vision, story, donor base, and history. This deep dive is paramount to our process. With over 50+ collective years in fundraising strategy, we’ve seen time and again, the talent and opportunity to achieve fundraising growth are already at your fingertips. Our goal is to unlock your team’s full potential with a clear roadmap, supportive coaching, and innovative tools. So, in our first phase, we assess your landscape to precisely learn the right combination of those elements.

Our assessment is an in-depth, objective review of the following categories, among others:


With a clear understanding of your current position and future goals in hand, we’ll work together closely to develop an ambitious and attainable path forward.

Planning is where our “custom craft” approach comes in. There are various tactics available to reach your goals, but being strategic and efficient in choosing the perfect combination is essential to success. Too few levers, and you’ll leave opportunity on the table. Try to pull them all, and you’ll miss the mark on every one of them.

We’ll work with you to understand your staff capacity, budgets, and goals and create the optimal path forward.

And like any journey, we recognize that milestones and measures of progress are essential to understand if you are heading in the right direction and at the right speed. Our plans don’t go in a binder to collect dust on a shelf. They are actionable, measurable, and ready to put on the road.

Our plans will be both macro and micro; visionary, and tactical. No two plans are the same. We’ll create a bespoke path forward that may include some, or all, of our solutions:

Coaching & Advising

The passion, dedication, creativity, and tenacity for fundraising success already exists in your organization. This much we know to be true. Ensuring the tools, training, alignment, and comfort with the key principles of fundraising are shared at every level of the organization, is where our coaching and advising comes in.

The passion, dedication, creativity, and tenacity for fundraising success already exist in your organization. So this much we know to be true. Ensuring the tools, training, alignment, and comfort with the fundamental principles of fundraising are shared at every level of the organization is where our coaching and advising comes in.

Coaching and advising is our third phase. During this phase, we ensure everyone, from leadership to development staff to board, volunteers, and others tasked with executing the roadmap laid forth in our planning phase, has the knowledge, support, continual improvement, and encouragement they need to stay the course. We’ll walk with you and your team as you implement new strategies, leverage the best technology, and build a sustainable and robust culture of philanthropy.

Our 50+ combined years of leadership, team-building, governance, and fundraising execution allows us to create customized programs that address critical pillars of a successful fundraising program. We do this by unlocking the potential already in the hearts of your team, leadership, and most closely-held supporters.

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Providing all stakeholders with training, communication, and tools to understand giving and develop proactive engagement

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Creating customized, authentic and relatable training tools and sessions from entry-level fundamentals to advanced strategies—suited to meet the needs of your organization—including:

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