Major Gifts

Our Approach

Major gifts are not merely a category of fundraising. In our experience, loyal, significant donors are the best path to overall organizational growth and sustainability.

Your most generous donors often represent those who feel a profound connection to your mission. They hold the potential to create transformational change for your organization. 


Identifying, engaging, and inspiring these donors is a foundational strategy for success in your major gift fundraising program. 


However, while many try, few are skilled in major gift fundraising strategies and grapple with creating a sustainable long-term plan. Even the best fundraisers can find opportunities for growth and improvement. 


We’re here to help you, whether you’re developing a best-in-class major gift program or launching a new one. Make Philanthropy Work can help you implement the six guiding principles to amplify your impact and advance your mission. 


And we have the years of experience to back it up — securing major gifts and analyzing and building programs for organizations just like yours. We’ll customize a major gift solution to fit your organization’s needs and work closely with you through the implementation process to ensure success. 

Our major gift fundraising solution six guiding principles include:

1 /

Donor Engagement Cycle

2 /


3 /

Portfolio & Pipeline Development

4 /

Performance Management

5 /


6 /

Culture of

Whether improving your current program or building a new one, we will be sure to instill:
“Matt and his team have worked with Adams State for years. He understands our unique culture and history. MWP doesn't bring a one-size-fits-all approach. They assess each organization individually and customize their approach accordingly. They are responsive and diligent. They communicate clearly throughout their process and diplomatically deliver information so it falls on receptive ears. They have done a great job of building trust and increasing comfort with fundraising across our organization, from faculty and staff to institutional and volunteer leadership. MPW coaches institutions to a better understanding of their current position and what it will take to grow. I am sincerely grateful for all of their work. I highly recommend them and would happily engage them in future projects.”
Karen Wibrew
Karen Wibrew
Philanthropy Officer, Adams State University

Let's work together to amplify your impact and advance your mission.