Major Gifts

Our Approach

Major gifts are not merely a category of fundraising. In our experience, loyal, significant donors are the best path to overall organizational growth and sustainability.

Your most generous donors often represent the individuals with the deepest connection to your mission, who hold the potential to create transformational change for your organization. Identifying, engaging and inspiring these donors via a professionalized major gift program is a foundational strategy to the success of most robust fundraising programs, and is often the measure by which sustainable programs apart from those that struggle to grow and reach optimal success.

While many try, very few organizations are proficient or successful with a major gifts strategy that is sustainable for the long term. Even the best need improvement, and we are here to help. Whether further developing a best-in-class major gift operation or launching a new one, Make Philanthropy Work will implement the six guiding principles to identify, engage, and inspire investors to create a lasting impact within your organization. With years of experience in not only securing major gifts but also analyzing and building programs we will provide a customized major gift solution to fit your organization, and we closely work with you through the implementation process to ensure success. Our major gift solution six guiding principles include:

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Donor Engagement Cycle

2 /


3 /

Portfolio & Pipeline Development

4 /

Performance Management

5 /


6 /

Culture of

Whether improving your current program or building a new one, we will be sure to instill:

Let's work together to amplify your impact and advance your mission.